Hiding Value in a Pop Up Menu

Im sure I asked this before but I can’t find the answer on Slack. Is there a way to hide a value in a Pop Up Menu?

It would look like this. “My Really Pop Up Menu <>299”

The “<>” in Panorama 6 was chr(1). Is there an equivalent in Panorama X?

If you are using a variable for the formula of the popup with chr(1) as the sub-separator between what you want visible and what you want hidden, you could use something like this in the formula.


The popup will now only contain the first section of each item and eliminate the last part. Of course once a selection is made you will need to search the original variable to get the last part if needed for further processing.

Note: while experimenting I found that a tab in any element of the popup will totally blank the popup and nothing will popup. If you use a chr(10) or a chr(12) as a sub-separator the popup list will show both elements when poping up but will only display the first part of the selected data on the button itself.