Hiding Scroll Bars

Is there an option to hide scroll bars? In particular on a Text List when printing?

Obviously the horizontal scroll can be turned off in the Properties panel but the vertical scroll is not an option even in the Text List blueprint. The only way I could get this done is to cover that area of the Text List with rectangle that matches (more or less) the background.

In the meantime, I found that the size of Resizable Columns in a Text List is limited to the display. When printed, they revert to some default unless a specific width has been set in the Multiple Columns cell of the Text List Options. Any width set by dragging the header elements is ignored.

The Help page for Text List Multiple Columns mentions this as one of the limitations of manually resizing columns:

There are a couple of caveats in regard to resizable columns:

  • On-the-fly resizing is temporary. Columns will revert to the default widths the next time the object is instantiated.
  • If the Resizable Columns option is enabled, clicking on a column will not trigger a procedure even if the Allow Header Clicks option is enabled (see Text List Programming. However, right clicks will work.