Help with .Initialize error notification

Sorry, I seem to have posted this twice.

I started PanX with Terminal. I opened a database name BP. BP has an Auxiliary database set to open with no windows: Timekeepers. During the opening process for BP, I get a notification “.Initialize error (Timekeepers) TopDataWindow failed because database “Timekeepers” does not have any open data sheet or form windows”
In spited of that message, Timekeepers has opened without windows; I don’t see a problem with it. And this message appeared in the Terminal window: “Persistent UI failed to open file file:///Users/tgcooper/Library/Saved%20Application%20State/com.provue.PanoramaX.savedState/ No such file or directory (2)”

A related question: Am I correct that when a database is opened with the Auxiliary function, its .Initialize procedure does not run, same as with opensecret?

You are correct that this is how it is supposed to work. In fact, internally the Auxiliary feature uses the opensecret statement.

However, based on your report I found a bug in b7. I assume Timekeepers is a shared database? If a database is shared, b7 tries to run the .Initialize code even if the database is opened secretly (with no windows). I say “tries” because as you discovered, it doesn’t actually work, instead producing the error notification because it can’t find a window to run the .Initialize code in. I have fixed this so that it won’t run the .Initialize code in this situation.

Also, I believe from your description that the Timekeepers database does contain an .Initialize procedure? I assume you intend this to run when the database is opened normally (with windows).

That message comes from Apple’s code, not mine. It will be interesting to see if it still appears when you try the fixed version.

Maybe you deleted the extra post? I only see one.

Yes, it does have an .Initialize procedure.

I’m glad, because otherwise this bug wouldn’t have been noticed at this time.