Help with checkbox procedure: stays unchecked

Hi and thanks for reading.

I’ve run into a snag I can’t seem to get past. I have a checkbox whose data is a field called “FullTimeVolunteer”

It has this procedure which affects four fields:

VolunteerStatus = “:white_check_mark:
HoursDue = 0
HoursWorked = 10

Everything is working except that the button immediately un-checks itself after the procedure is run. I’d like it to stay checked, but keep it unchecked in the other records (unless they’ve been checked, too.)

Any direction much appreciated, and have a great night.


Let me make a guess here. The data field is set to FullTimeVolunteer and (here is my guess) you have set the value to “Yes” including the quotes. This should simply be Yes without quotes. If I am correct you are automatically adding “Yes” with quotes to the FullTimeVolunteer when you click the checkbox and then your procedure is changing that to Yes without quotes and that no longer matches the value you have set so the checkbox is unchecked again.

Also, if you have things set properly you can remove the FullTimeVolunteer=“Yes” line from the procedure since the checkbox will automatically enter the value into the field when clicked. As I said, this is just a guess as to the cause of the problem.

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Gary, you are an excellent guesser!

The value of the data button was YES and I had quotes around “Yes” - wrong case and quotes. I think I probably got it completely out of sync. Rebuilt the checkbox and got rid of FullTimeVolunteer=“Yes”, and now it’s working as expected.

Thanks so much for taking the time…this one was driving me a little crazy.