Help with a really old one?

I am embarrassed to say I am still using version 6 but does all I need. I am on a Mac, running Mojave, OS 10.14.6. What has come up of late is that when Pan. opened and during use, a recurring error message I have never seen before.

APPLESCRIPT ERROR: Not authorized to send Apple events to Finder

I have no idea what this means. Does it make sense to anyone?

Thanks for any help.
— Richard

The error message comes from macOS. You have to authorize Panorama 6 to send Apple events to the Finder. You can do that in System Preferences > Safety/Privacy > Automation. Unlock the preference panel, add Panorama 6, and set a check mark for System and/or the Finder (cited from my macOS Monterey).

Thank you very much Was able to fix it. Your help is much appreciated.

— Richard