Help Wanted (Paid) -- to guide newbie starting Panorama

I am totally new to Panorama, but have some experience on Mac.
Have a 2-table database working in Ninox, but decided to convert to Panorama X.
Need someone to guide me to clean up imports, re-create links, and construct input forms.

You can be anywhere with Internet.
We’ll use some sort of screen sharing program.

I’ll pay for your advice and tutoring.
(Yes, thanks, I know about the sample databases, videos, user manuals, etc., but I want a personal tutor-guide.)

I’ll pay you by the hour, using PayPal or Bitcoin or a check in the mail - up to you.
And I will send money frequently so you don’t wonder about getting paid by a stranger far away.

My database consists of home remedies.
One table is the mixtures, the other is ingredients, with a many-to-many relationship.

This is a just personal project: not a company or a website or anything like that.
There is no schedule, no deadline, no rush.
Can do this evenings/weekends if you wish.

Your educational level and work history don’t matter to me at all, and I don’t need to see a resume.
All I care about is your ability to patiently explain the basics of Panorama.
I’d prefer you are a just a casual user of Panorama, not a professional consultant who will expect an hourly rate much too high for my little project.

You are welcome to ask any questions you wish.
Please reply in private message – not clutter the public forum - and we’ll exchange email or arrange a phone call.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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