Help Page Corrections

I tried to submit a change to a Help page today (on Selectobjects); each time I got a notification saying “No modified fields”. I don’t know if my suggestion was uploaded or not. If so, you may get it three times. BTW, I was not suggesting a correction, but just adding another example.

What I have found is that ‘No modified fields’ will happen if my edits/comments do not change the section that that code looks for a change in. Suggestion: Add a space at the end of a paragraph in the primary body section. Then you can sent your ‘note’ or such to the person who reads these ‘corrections’.

I submissions on three help pages from you, but no submission for selectobjects.

What does this mean? Did you make any changes to the text, or just add notes? If the latter, then Robert’s suggestion is correct.

It means that the present Help page is not incorrect, but I was suggesting a change that would add more information for people with my particular need. I tried to make changes along with a note to explain why I suggested the change. I will try again using Robert’s suggestion.

Since you are making changes, Robert’s first sentence is probably the most important. You need to make your changes between the <«Body»> and </«Body»> tags.

Thanks. I did discover that my changes were outside the tags for Body. When I moved them between the tags, it worked as expected.