Help makeQueryFormula Error

In the last days, I’ve been getting the error shown below with some frequency when entering text into the Help search

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 9.02.30 AM

I’ve had that popup using the Help file once as well.

I’ve had it several times too.

I’ve wondered if this occasional error is more likely when I have secret files open, though it would seem clicking on the Help window to enter text should always make the Help file the active database.

Is there any other window open that might be updating in the background, like the Server Administration window?

In my case, I’m sure there were shared files, but not Server Admin or any Secret windows. And it happened three or more times today so the circumstances changed somewhat.

Huh. I’ve never seen this error and I use the Help constantly. I wonder what might be different.

I don’t use shared databases and haven’t used secret windows, so it’s not related to those in my case. I have never been able to work out why: it has happened rarely to me with no obvious common circumstances.

Perhaps it’s relevant that, when closing the Formula Workshop window, which might or might not contain a valid formula, the Advanced Error Dialog frequently pops up with a similar error:

CALL statement failed, procedure Evaluate does not exist

It appears that ‘Evaluate’ is some kind of placeholder that the Formula Workshop uses instead of an actual procedure name. Sometimes I have, absent-mindedly, copied a formula along the lines of


from a procedure into it to track down a problem, forgetting that callwithin( won’t work in the Formula Workshop without giving an explicit name in the second argument, because the mini-procedure is no longer being called from within a parent procedure. In that case the error returned next to ‘Result’ in the Formula Workshop is:

- callwithin( “”,“Evaluate” function failed, procedure Evaluate does not exist

(rather than

- callwithin("","" function failed, procedure does not exist

which would quote the relevant part of the actual text causing the error — note also the space after ‘callwithin(’ and the sexed, not straight, quotes in the error message).

I have a Panorama X ClockX file running all the time that uses a timer to update the clock form every second. Most always when I have the Help file open and start typing in a new query I will get the following Error Wizard warning pop up:

I’m assuming this happens when the Help file is making a call to the makeQueryFormula procedure while my timer procedure is running and the ClockX file is currently active. This has been an ongoing problem with the Help file for me for a very long time and I just accepted it as the price I pay for having a continual timer running in the background.

I’m reasonably sure that a timer was running when I encountered the error.