Help Help. (TITLE MUST BE 15 CHARS -- HELP!)

I still don’t get the help file help. I was told recently I should have done a “full text” search, but the only thing that is live for me is the teeny window line at the top. Checking the Full Text Search doesn’t do anything that I can discover; implicitly I’d be able to type in that box – but I can’t, never have. So what is that for. Also, and this is a constant problem, the type on screen is too small. No way to enlarge it, and FWIW, many of us original guys, dating back to BMUG promotion in late 80s or early 90s, just dont’ have the eyesight we had then.

My question was how to get a grid display in the form construction window. So I just thought I’d look that up, and not bother all the experts. Nope. No hits in help in my situation, no matter what I do. I want to have a grid so that I can use the rulers in inches, rather than trying to live in a fantasy world of pixies (“px”) measurements, and I"m weary of printing out yet another test sheet and holding it up to the window with my check stock …

You didn’t find anything because Panorama X doesn’t have a grid option for forms, and it doesn’t have any option to change the ruler units.

You might have to do this no matter what the ruler units were. Printers are generally not perfectly accurate and some adjustments are often needed.

Searching in the help window normally searches only the topic names. When you check the Full Text option, it searches the full text of all the help pages. So if you search for sort, it will find not just pages with sort in the topic name, but every page where sort is mentioned anywhere in the body.

You do not “type into” the Full Text option, it is a checkbox.

You didn’t look very far Stan - the phrase, ‘form grid’ gives no result because it doesn’t occur anywhere in the entire Help text. You might start with just ‘grid’ or ‘form’ or some other word that takes you in the direction you want to go. Searching any document for an exact phrase is always a tad problematic because it assumes that the author thinks the same way that you do.

And that has been an issue for 30+ years! 8^)

OK, I’ve figured that out, just can’t even conceive of why it is that way, not that it matters.

Here’s a Feature Request – implement a drafting grid in the form layout editor.

Please. Though, I think I’m done with my project but others might benefit.