Help charting data

Hello Panorama lovers. I needs a little direction on how to create a simple bar chart. My database has 13 columns (12 months and a total). I need to look at the data record by record in a bar chart format so I can see trends and anomalies. I am not finding the right help stack.

I think you’ll find all the information and direction you need in the help file at:

Are you saying that you want to have a separate chart for every record in the database? So as you move up and down to different records, you see different charts? If so, that is definitely possible using a form, a web browser object, and the chart( function.

Your exact situation isn’t shown (assuming I’m even understanding what you want), but you can adjust the examples that show fixed data, just substitute in fields instead of constant values, like this (I am assuming your fields are numeric and are named Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.):

chart("January;"+Jan+";February,"+Feb+";March,"+Mar+ ... +";December,"+Dec)

As you page from record to record the chart will update with the values for that record.

Your understanding of my intent is correct. My first data visualization project is a simple record by record look at the data. I will attempt to build a form and web browser object per your suggestion. Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to generate even the most basic chart using a web browser object. I am running OS 10.6. I saw a post from someone else not able to generate a chart through a web browser object on a form. The simple chart function looks like this: Chart(“Platinum, 25; Gold, 30; Silver, 40; Uranium, 50”) I can’t get anything to display.

If you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend downloading the latest beta version, which should fix this problem.

I’ll be uploading an “official” 10.1.001 release very soon, but you can download this beta build now and get right to work.

That solved the problem. I am now enjoying data visualization. Much thanks!