Have not tried yet

I have had a lot of no time. Tried to learn FileMaker a year ago but kind of like Panorama better (I think).

Don’t dare to start and play with it yet since I have to deduct months from my subscription (stupid…).

hope that I will be able to read all the stuff in this forum within a couple of weeks.

You’ll like Panorama a whole lot better than FileMaker. Go ahead and dig in, it’s the only way to really learn it. The Documentation and videos are terrific aids.

And you’ll get excellent support from this forum.

You are all so right. That is why I bought Panorama! Very unlogical right now. I use FileMaker for invoicing but can as well get something for Panorama. Just working too much at the moment but will “play” more with Panorama soon!

Thanks for great support!!

Magnus, some time back I put together a model sales and invoicing system for a friend. You can download it from https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxv93t95zof4agb/Aubis%20for%20Dropbox.zip?dl=0

It comes with 24 pages of documentation so you should be able to understand it reasonably quickly and it may serve as a basis for your own system.

Thanks Michael!

I think I received this from you in June last year. Opened it a few times but never got to work with it. The link you sent does only provide an alias file. Is there any updates since 23JUN18?

Sorry about the alias - I’ve now fixed the connection. Download from https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2bdaoojcyta63y/AUBIS%20system%20files.zip?dl=0

There have been no changes since June 2018.

Thanks Michael! Will start and use it and try to make changes if needed. You all in this forum are so nice and helpful.

Might sell my FileMaker license and just try to learn This app instead. I actually was pretty good with FileMaker, but that was MANY years ago when it was version 2 and just started.