Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

I hope everyone here in the US had a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving! Though obviously this has been a difficult year for everyone around the world, my wife and I have much to be thankful for, starting of course with the fact that we have been able to stay healthy. Another thing I am thankful for is all of the enthusiastic Panorama users here on this forum. :+1:

Jim Rea
President, ProVUE Development


Thanks Jim and your team for patiently re-architecting, re-designing & re-writing Panorama 6 into Panorama X, a herculean job that probably started a decade ago.

Without it we would be forever stuck on macOS 10.14 Mojave running the 32-bit Panorama 6 app on 2019 Intel-based Macs.

The modern Panorama X code base should need far less effort to support macOS 11.0 Big Sur on Intel-based Macs and eventually on Apple Silicon-based Macs.


A user of OverVUE and then Panorama since 1984.

Nah, only 9 years ago. :rofl:

Exactly. I anticipated the demise of 32-bit support and that was the primary motivator for the Panorama X project. My only mistake was that 32-bit support lasted a few years longer than I expected, which was good since Panorama X also took longer than expected.

Thank you!

Happy — and with a full heart — healthy Thanksgiving to all.

I’m thankful — among much, and long overdue :blush: — for the help I received here. I ended up stopping my work with PanX. I just never got it. I launched it today for the first time in a couple of years in order to extract any data I hadn’t already moved or recreated elsewhere, and I am wildly surprised at how much I was able to do, and how well it works today. I am tempted to renew my PanX efforts — I love things that work keenly well — but I am sorely short on time for the foreseeable future, and have to stick to getting what I can from what I know, even if that leaves me winglessly pecking at the ground while others take to the sky. What I have is useable. It wouldn’t have gotten that far without the kind contributions offered via this forum. Thank you all.