GroupUp problems with a shared database

I have not had success with a shared database using the GroupUp and subsequent statements of Propagate, Total, etc. When attempting to do so, I have been getting error messages like the following.

Cannot commit record 197121 in

However, an easy workaround is to export the data from the shared database into a single user database. The GroupUp routine works flawlessly in single-user mode, and PanoramaX exports and imports data at high enough speeds that the users don’t notice any slowdown.

James, If you are doing this for reporting purposes, try using serverupdate “off” and serverupdate “on”. “Off” will temporarily turn off the updating to the server.

I think this (propagate) is the problem.

Statements that only deal with summary records will work fine in shared databases. This includes GroupUp, Total, Count, etc.

The Propagate statement, however, will modify any record with an empty cell, whether it is a summary record or data record. If you have data cells that are empty in the column being propagated, this is going to be a problem.

Now that this has come up, I’m pretty shocked it has never come up before. Panorama 6 Server would have the exact same problem.

I think either a new statement is needed, or perhaps the propagate statement needs to work slightly differently if a database contains summary records. In any case, there definitely needs to be a way to “propagate” information into summary records without modifying any data records.

On further reflection, I think no new statement is needed, but the propagate (and similar) statements needs to work differently if summary records are present. If anyone thinks differently, please speak up ASAP because I will probably work on this soon.

It has been a problem in Pan 6 but I never thought to report it as an issue, assuming that it was working as intended. It was easily overcome by using Maximum and worked on Text or Numeric fields. It left blank cells blank and did not carry over to other Summary records.