GroupUp Icon Button

Is there any chance an icon for groupup could be created to use in a custom toolbar? I use this command frequently and it would be nice to just go to the field I want and click on the groupup button from the toolbar.

I suppose that is a possibility, but are you aware that you can right click on the column name for a pop-up menu that includes the Groupup command?

This makes for a pretty fast way to access this command.

I kept clicking on a row instead of the header. I see it now…Thanks. I must have missed it before as I have used the Math menu item. I must be more careful before sending along remarks.

Group itself seems to no longer be an option. Is there a reason for this? I used it to group a number of records, but did not wish to sort within that group, so neither groupup or groupdown does what I have done in the past with Pan 6. I am not sure if there was some discussion on this or not. I tried doing a search, but didn’t see anything.

Groupup and Groupdown do not sort within a group. As far as I can see, the group command is completely useless. In 30 years I never could even come up with an example of a task where the Group could be useful. So I got rid of it.

Hmm. Well, I am not seeing the same thing. I will see if I can send you a sample. It will take a bit of time, as I have to make dinner, but I will get back to you a bit later…