Grouping Text Editor Objects renders them unrecognisable

I have a collection of TEOs:


When I group them and reopen the form, I get this:


where the TEOs are not recognised. Is this expected behaviour?

I have not been able to duplicate your issue. I have grouped four TEOs and labels and ungrouped and regrouped and opened and closed and it works correctly every time. Is there something unusual about your TEOs? The focus ring looks different than mine.

I can duplicate this if I create a few Text Editor Objects and assign them variables but do not go to data mode before I group them. Then the Field orVariables label sticks when going back and forth between data and graphics mode. This persists even if you later ungroup them. Now, while they are ungrouped, if I create another object and delete it, all goes back to normal. Grouping does have some strange effects at times in my experience.

Thanks guys - Gary has the solution. Typically, what I do with form objects is create, size and position them before assigning variables. This often involves grouping.

I have found where this problem is located in the code, and have created a new issue for this. Unfortunately, there is no solution until I fix this bug. For now, you should not put objects associated with variables into a group. This includes not just Text Editors, but also Data Buttons, Popup Menu objects, etc. If the object is associated with a field it is ok, but not if it is associated with a variable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix. If you close the database and re-open it, the problem will come back. So for now, you should not group any objects associated with variables.