When I try and use groupdatepattern(Date,“Mon yy”) I get 2019_01 Jan 19 as the result. Anyone know how I can just get Jan 19?

Well, that was an easy fix. I changed the formula to datepattern (Date, “Mon yy”) and that worked.


The Panorama X Help has the explanation:

Technical Note: This function should only be used with the summarytable( and crosstab( functions. The groupdatepattern( function appends a special prefix to the output that allows these functions to list the date values chronologically instead of alphabetically. These functions automatically strip out the prefix before displaying the date, but if you use this function anywhere else, the prefix will be visible. Use the datepattern( function if you don’t want this special prefix (basically always except when using the summarytable( and crosstab( functions).

Thank you for clearing that up. I remember reading about it, but didn’t connect the usage, looking only at the groupdatepattern( function as I had grouped the dates monthly. As noted I did fix it by pure luck.