Group Sidebar Tiles not working with PanX 0.1.024 (1938)

After upgrading to 0.1.024 (1938) the Group Sidebar Tiles are no longer printing any of the Text Editor fields with data on my reports. I also have horizontal lines in the tiles to break up the report which are not printing either. Any thoughts?

So you are saying this did work with earlier versions of Panorama X, but now stopped working? That seems odd since as far as I know I did not make any changes relating to Group Sidebar Tiles.

The report ran fine last Thursday. This morning I updated to the new build of Pan X and when I went to reprint the report the Group Sidebars didn’t print.

Is there any chance you could send me a copy of the database? That would save me a lot of time over trying to guess how to duplicate whatever problem you are seeing. If you do, please include all the details I will need to know, such as what form you are using, and any steps (grouping, etc.) that you need to do before printing. In fact, is there any chance that you simply forgot to group the data before printing? Group Sidebars only work if you have summary records in the database.

I’ll email you a copy of the file when I get back into the office in the morning. I’ll also explain how the file works.

This problem is fixed in the 1943 build I just uploaded.

Panorama X 0.1.024 (1943) Build Release Notes