Group . . . . I want my records to stay in place

I want to Group some records, without them being sorted. Can I do that?

NO! to Group Up, NO! to Group Down. YES to Group STAY in the order I have you!!!

Is this possible? Was in Pan 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Overvue??? perhaps. Don’t remember.

You didn’t mention Panorama X, but I assume that’s what you mean. Sorry, it’s not possible to group without sorting in this version (you are correct, this could be done in Panorama 6). Internally, the code that does grouping is now built into the sort function, so it is not possible to separate these.

Really sad about that. Glad I only use it about 4 times a year for a maximum of 100 records each time. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jim. I am trying to learn Panorama X.


Could you introduce another field say “Stay” that could contain your sequence # prior to Grouping then re-establish that original sequence after ?