Graphics problems

I have a database with matrixes of 26 buttons, one for every letter of the alphabet. One of them has two letters. I cannot adjust the matrix so that two letters show up for every letter of the alphabet in Panorama X.

First of all, matrixes do not resize smoothly. I cannot make the matrix wider except in extremely discrete leaps. It already does not like the height, so if I try to resize it at all, the height changes, even though that is not what I want to change.

Secondly, there seems to be a lot of padding on the text display. The letters are not on one edge or the other if I choose to justify them that way, and there is space before and after them if I center them.

Thirdly, if I widen the text box, it still wraps letters to the next line, even though there is only one line. There does not seem to be a way to force the box not to wrap.

Changing the font to the same font that works in Panorama 6 makes no difference.