Goto Field Function / Uncovering Hidden Fields


Here is a screenshot showing a group of hidden fields.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 6.00.35 PM

I am trying to access fields hidden in the “+98” section of this data view. Unfortunately, the Goto field function did not work for me. How can I access these fields, so I can change their properties?

Thanks in advance,

(Pan X 10.2)

Use the menu commands Field > Show All Fields or Field > Hide/Show Fields.

Panorama does not have a limit to the number of fields that a database can contain. However, the performance of the data sheet will degrade if a large number (hundreds) of columns are displayed. This degradation is especially evident when changing the field configuration (insert field/delete field/hide field etc.) To mitigate this, the data sheet automatically cuts off the display of excessive columns. Out of the box Panorama will limit the number of columns to 150, but this cutoff point can be adjusted with the Preferencs window (using the Advanced panel, see below).

If there are too many columns and some are cut off, a “placeholder” column will be displayed at the end indicating how many additional fields have been cut off. That is what the +98 you are seeing means, your database must contain 248 fields.

I’m afraid this is incorrect advice, at least partially. You can either adjust the preferences to display more fields (and possibly take a performance hit, depending on your computer that may be acceptable), or you can use the Field > Hide/Show Fields dialog to select a different subset of fields to be visible.

The Field > Hide/Show Fields dialog works for me. Also, setting the column limit to 300 also worked. No noticeable performance issue from the change, but, after my edits, I think I will reset the limit to 150, just to be on the safe side.

Thank you for the help.