GoForm doesn't work with view as list forms

Thank you Jim and Dave, for your help. And to Bill, for helping me not feel foolish. The ObjectAction statements did the trick.

Here’s another oddity: the GoForm statement, activated by the same button on my view-as-list form, changes the window title to the requested form without actually changing the form; it seems to prevent that window from switching to graphics mode as well. This only happens if the requested form isn’t already open in another window, and seems to only occur with my view-as-list form. I’m using OpenForm instead, which works fine. I realize this is off-topic, so I’ll leave it at that unless it warrants a new thread, i.e., someone can replicate it.

Thanks again.

I can confirm this. If the current form is a view as list form, and the other form isn’t open, a goform targeting the other form will change the title bar, but not the contents of the window. Clicking graphics mode after this will also change the title bar, but leave the window unchanged.

Additionally, if you then re-select the view as list form from the View menu it will open a second copy of that form on top of the already open one.

Ok, I’ve created an issue ticket for this.