Give OpenFileDialog a Starting Point?

Is there any way to get openfiledialog to start in a targeted folder? Rather than have the user navigate to location known by the program, it would be convenient to have the dialog open to the desired folder(s).

Somewhere Panorama itself is ‘remembering’ a folder path, perhaps that can be influenced.

You can use ChooseFileDialog, instead of OpenFileDialog. One of the options is “InitialPath”.


This option specifies the folder that appears when the dialog first opens. See Files and Folders to learn more about setting up paths. This example initially opens the dialog to the Pictures folder.

local fileChoice
choosefiledialog fileChoice,"InitialPath","~/Pictures"

Thanks David. I thought there was something like that but kept looking under “open” topics. And now I see that in Help both ChooseFileDialog and ChooseFolderDialog were listed in the See Also for OpenFileDialog.