Getting the value of a WindowGlobal variable

Is there any way to get the value of a windowglobal variable without actually bring the window to the front. Magicwindow does not seem to allow this using the datavalue( function. Even enclosing this with setactivedatabase makes no difference. I can get a list of the variables using windowinfo( but not their current values. I can of course get their value if I temporarily pop the window to the front and go back to my original window but that is less than elegant.

Yep – windowglobalvalue(

This was discussed about 40 minutes into this session:

Thanks Jim, I can’t keep track of all these available tools and end up going down the wrong road and finding a dead end. I guess I should look at the road map ahead of time more often.

FYI, this function actually existed in Panorama 6, but it was called grabwindowvariable(, that name will still work.