Getting Started on Panorama X Server

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It is very, very, very, very, very early, but I have started on Panorama X server. Here’s a screenshot of the Database Sharing Options wizard, which is actually not a separate wizard any more, but part of the File>Database Options… dialog.

Don’t get too excited, there is still a long way to go, but there is some actual progress being made.

I am happy and excited. I know it takes time. If you reach a point of wanting a test site, let me know. I started back with the original server and I kept it working here for several years. But the server is why we used Panorama and not Filemaker, which had no server capability at the time. When you re-wrote the server in Panorama, you took all the fun out from the first version. When changes to the file could be pushed out by the server, you saved me many many hours.

Agree. Most of my Panorama work is via a server. Thanks.

Sharing and Web Publishing !!

Yes, please. We need the server to go to Panorama X.

I am incredibly excited and looking forward to it Jim. I have been “hacking” Panorama X to work with current Panorama 6 Enterprise server. It actually works really well but Panorama X Server will a much better solution. So I would also be willing to do any testing for you at any point. Quick question, have you made a decision about including a web server?

Hi Jim! Any updates on your progress on the Panorama X Server? Our company is anxiously waiting for the new release, ready to purchase a subscription.

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I’m planning to publish a video showing the progress made on the server version very soon.


Hello - I’m getting lots of questions from staff about upgrading to X and we are 100% server-dependent. I’m hoping to upgrade to Panorama X Server as soon as we can, but am wondering if there’s a recent timetable (even a loose approximation would help).


I mentioned back in January that I was planning to publish a video introducing the progress on this project. This has taken longer than I hoped, mostly because I kept deciding to get more of the project done before recording the video. About two weeks ago I decided I was ready to work on the recording itself. It’s taken a while because I’ve been fixing bugs as they are encountered while planning the recording (this is alpha software, after all). Here is the outline for the recording – all of the features listed on this outline is implemented. I always start videos by making a Keynote presentation, that presentation is currently up to 92 slides, with probably about a couple dozen more to go. It’s probably going to take another week or two to get the video ready.

Here are a few screenshots from the keynote file. Of course these screenshots don’t mean a whole lot without context, but you’ll have to wait for the video for that.

As for a timetable for the delivering the software itself, I’m very reluctant since it seems that it always takes much longer than expected, but it should be on track to begin beta testing some time this summer. The code is about 95% feature complete, and documentation is probably about 30% complete.