Gettext returns an error

I am triggering a gettext statement from a click on a matrix. The matrix procedure has matrixclick in it and the button in the matrix object is calling the following procedure.

gettext “Change Value of Price Each”,vDataToChange. vDataToChange is the value of the matrix cell. All works fine except when I close the gettext after I enter another value I get the following error. “Field or variable “textValue” does not exist”

This was working at one point but I am not sure when it stopped working.


This sounds like an error that has been reported a couple of times before by other users but I have never been able to duplicate it. If you can provide me with an example that fails on cue then perhaps I can finally track this problem down.

Here are the previous reports of this problem, going back two years. But I have never been able to duplicate the problem.

Hi Jim,

I just emailed you a file.

I hope it helps.