Generate multiple pdfs when printing a summarized / Grouped report?

Is there an easy way, in v6 or X to generate multiple pdfs when printing a
grouped report? What I need is for each group to print to it¹s own pdf with
it¹s own name.

Similar to how ³skip to next page after summary² works, ie after each
summary a new pdf would be started.

Thanks for any ideas on how best to tackle this!


If I get what you are saying, I think you need to print each separate report for each group. That is not difficult to do from a procedure.

The other alternatives would, at best, print one report that would have to be separated into individual reports, and I do not think that can be done within Panorama.

You can use the listchoices( function to list the values in the field you used for grouping. Then you would go into a loop. The loop would step through the list, selecting the records with the current value in the appropriate field, and “printing” the pdf.

Thanks! I think Dave’s solution is what I was looking for… I’ll give
that a try.