Geezer with questions on Panorama, iMac and OS compatibility

I’m a newbie here but started out with OverVue. I migrated to different versions of Panorama over a number of machines. I’m retired and have a small part time business which I will probably let go in maybe 5 years. In the meantime, my main computer’s OS is seriously out of date and I want to upgrade to the latest OS to regain some lost functionality (browsers not working, can’t back up latest iPads and iPhones, etc). My concern is my Panorama database and all the automations or macros or whatever that I wrote years ago for figuring out stock status, printing orders, calculating sales, etc. Right now, I’m familiar with using Panorama in the spreadsheet mode with all the menus across the top. I don’t use the new format/wizards at all, don’t know how and at this late stage don’t want to learn for just running things for just a few more years.

So, I have two choices.

  1. Update my current machine to latest OS and update Panorama (cost?).
    Current machine.
    27" iMac
    Model iMac10,1
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    single processor
    3.06 GHz
    OS 10.6.8, Darwin 10.8.0
    Panorama v. 6.00 Build 94356

  2. I can reload one of my older versions of Panorama onto an older machine and use it only to do my business work. This configuration would be on one of the little pod looking iMacs:
    Model PowerMac4,2
    800 MHz single CPU
    OS 10.4.11, Darwin 8.11.0
    I could reload Panorama v. 5.0.0

My questions:
– if I do #1, will I still be able to use the newest version of Panorama in spreadsheet mode and make use of all the old macros, forms, etc. I’ve been using all these years?

– if I do #2, will I be able to read and use all the files with v. 5.0.0 that have now been read and presumably modified in some way by using them with v. 6.0.0?

Thanks in advance for any help and apologies for such a messy first question.

Panorama X will read your Panorama 6 database files, and it still has the data sheet, which I guess is what you are calling “spreadsheet” mode. Panorama X will run on any Mac computer with macOS 10.9 or later.

It sounds like your macros (we started calling them “procedures” around the mid-90’s) are pretty simple, they will probably continue working in Panorama X with little or no modifications required.

There is a help page called “Importing a Panorama 6 Database”, which you should read before trying to convert any databases from Panorama 6 to X. You can view this from the Help menu within Panorama X, and also view this page on the web at this address.

We’ve also prepared over an hour of video to help with the transition. You can find these in the Help menu, on the web page, or using the links below. These first two videos cover the basics of converting files and using the data sheet.

Converting from Panorama 6 -
Panorama 6 to X: Basics -

These videos are probably more advanced than you need.

Panorama 6 to X: Form Design -
Panorama 6 ro X: Programming -

LOL - I think by “new format” you mean forms, which were introduced in 1988, and wizards were introduced in 1995, 24 years ago!

Or he could be speaking of Spreadsheet Style Formulas vs Procedure Style Formulas as in found in the Special menu while a Design Sheet is open.

Thanks all.I appreciate you all putting up with my lack of expertise. Years ago I figured out what I needed and got it all working. I remember diddly about it now…can’t remember what I did to get what I’ve got. It just does what I need and I don’t worry about much else. I just don’t want to mess things up. Thanks for the reading tips, the suggestions and information. I will have a look and figure out what to do next.