Fuzzy Text Display

I’ve been at a loss to understand why sometimes TextDisplayObjects are fuzzy in appearance.

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 8.25.57 AM

This pair is a good example. There’s nothing different in their settings, yet one is sharp and one is not. Even the Blueprints show no difference that I can spot.

Jim, are you looking at those at about the same time of day. For some folk, things look fuzzier first thing in the morning than they do later in the day; usually clearer after morning coffee.

(and you thought you could get away with that “Not for you” comment yesterday. :grinning:)

Are you using a Retina display? If not, perhaps it has to do with the position of the objects. I’ll bet if you display them side-by-side (at the same vertical position) you won’t see this difference. If so, my guess is that this is an artifact of Apple’s display code and how it does anti-aliasing, and has nothing to do with using a Text Display object.