Full POSIX Path

What’s the difference in UnixShellPath( and PosixPath( ?

Using either, I get the same result:

UnixShellPath( "Macintosh HD:Library:WebServer:Documents:resources:")

PosixPath( “Macintosh HD:Library:WebServer:Documents:resources:”)

Both result in:

By the documentation, I expected UnixShellPath( to produce:
/Volumes/Macintosh HD//Library/WebServer/Documents/resources/

Why is the volume name being dropped by both?

My objective is to provide the full path of some .py files for use in a Python script.

That is the full path. The /Volumes/ prefix is not used for the boot volume.

The difference between unixshellpath( and posixpath( is how spaces and other special characters are handled. Since your path doesn’t contain any spaces, you got the same result in both.

Checking the Panorama 6 documentation, it doesn’t really explain this, but the Panorama X documentation does explain the difference.