Frustrated use and lack of communication

Several emails ago I politely explained I was unable to use PanoramaX for the purpose intended (coming from Filemaker, I found the learning curve to steep in the time available to me). I had in good faith taken out a year’s subscription, which is not being used. I simply enquired if it was possible for a refund. That initial email and all subsequent emails have been blatantly ignored, which is just plain rude and disappointing… it’s not the refund which is the issue, it’s the callous dismissiveness of an honest communication.
I wouldn’t have believed this attitude from an artisan software company.!

Here’s the timeline we have as far as communication from you:

  • On June 25, 2020, you signed up for the free trial.
  • On June 26 you sent an email expressing frustration with the software. We replied with links to 5 help pages. You replied that “be happy to explore your product further”
  • From June thru December you used the trial for 16 hours spread across 7 days.
  • On April 11, 2021, you signed up for one month of Panorama X.
  • On April 23, 2021, you signed up for 12 months of Panorama X (not sure why, as your original month had not expired).

We have no record of any email requesting a refund. We are very scrupulous about promptly answering every customer email that we receive. However, I apologize that we can’t respond to emails that we haven’t received.

I just now checked our spam folder and did find your emails there, starting on July 6. I have no idea why they were marked as spam - the email vendor says that it is similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past (identified by whom I don’t know, we NEVER designate emails as spam). We don’t regularly check the spam folder, when we do we very rarely find false positives. In this case yours was the only non-spam message mixed in with a couple months of spam. Here is your first email showing the spam designation.

I do think that you had much more than “good faith” to rely on in deciding to subscribe to Panorama X. Our generous trial policy allowed you to evaluate the software at your leisure over the course of months, then for $15 you had the opportunity of another full month. Without waiting for that month to complete you re-upped for a year, then 75 days later decided to change your mind. All of this falls far outside of our clearly published terms, so I’m afraid it is not possible to provide a refund. But again, I do apologize for not finding your email in the spam folder.

Jim Rea
President, ProVUE Development

Thank you for the reply. It’s much as I’d expected but mine was a genuinely polite and tentative request with no demand to it.

I also cannot be blamed for the spam issue, having sent emails to two of your addresses hoping for a response. In no way have I implied there’s been a lack of generosity on your part.

Disappointing communication all round really and it’s for me to decide what I deem good faith or not.

I wish you continued success with your product.

Martin Wilson