Front-to-Back Order

On an input form, my TextEdit Objects are arranged vertically. Even though the order of the first two fields is set within their ObjectProperties>Procedure, once back to the form, the order resumes. Except for a PopUp button, which gets skipped over. I tried putting a “Field «Category»” in the procedure pane of the TEO just before it but that solve the “snub”. (Anytime I can navigate with the keyboard, instead of the mouse, I’m happier.


See Tab Order on the Form Properties help page.

What does this mean? If it means that you are trying to change the order on the fly with procedure code, there is a special technique required to do that. You can’t just use the field statement.

From your recommended Help page, I can see the available possibilities. As far as the first two fields go, «Name» is the first field to get filled in. That generates the «CUS ID», and following that the tab order is fine. Except that the field with the PopUp button (Category) gets skipped. I was just wondering if that was in the nature of a a popup button. I used the field statement in the outgoing procedure of the prior TEO to force the move to the Button TEO.

Otherwise, I don’t mind tabbing through non-applicable fields.

In Panorama only Text Editor objects can have focus and be operated by the keyboard. Popup menus, checkboxes, radio buttons etc. can only be operated by the mouse.

DO NOT use the field statement in “the outgoing procedure”. This statement does not work with tabbing. Use the techniques described in the web page I posted.

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