Forum emails still not arriving

I still am not receiving anything in my emails from the forum. Dave T and I reported on this last week; we both use Outlook and it happened to both of us last Wednesday, when Dave says there was an update of the the forum software. Any word on what happened and how it can be fixed?

ProVUE does not have any insight into what is going on with the internals of Discourse. Discourse does run it’s own forum, I did a search there and did not find any reports of problems specific to Outlook.

ProVUE does not run the Discourse software ourselves, instead we subscribe to a server that manages the forum for us. They automatically update our copy of Discourse whenever Discourse releases a major update, which is usually twice a year. So I doubt there will be another update until next spring.

I think it is very unlikely that there is an Outlook specific problem. Email protocols are standardized, all clients are pretty much the same. I think it’s more likely that your ISP is not delivering the messages, either diverting them to spam or just rejecting them. You and Dave both use university email systems, perhaps there is some common email software that both of your universities are using.

The last email I received from the forum was Nov. 2. I’m using Apple Mail.

I received this message in my email (and every other one). The forum server is definitely sending out emails. I really have no way to debug why delivery isn’t getting through to specific people, and I’m pretty sure this is beyond ProVUE’s control.

It gets weirder and weirder. I have a second forum account (DaveT,) tied to my email address, and email sent to it is automatically forwarded to my address, which is my primary address. I recently turned email mode on in my DaveT account, and those emails arrive safely at, after they are forwarded. Those that are sent directly to never arrive.

The admin section of this forum has an “Activity” list where users are listed, and can be sorted according to when they were last sent an email, when they were last seen, how many posts the have read etc. According to that list, the last post was sent to both of my accounts, along with everyone else on mailing list mode.

Have you talked to the UIUC email tech support folks? Were they any help?

No I haven’t. I’m retired, so I’m not actually employed by the university anymore. I just still have the email account.

I’m like you, but I still have access to IT support at OSU, so I’m about to phone them and I’ll let you know. They keep messing around with their web access stuff and finding things is sometimes annoyingly difficult.

Solved. I called the OSU folks and they said they can’t do anything about it but that I should resubscribe to the mailing list. So I went in and changed to a different email address on the forum preferences, and now I’m getting the emails again.

There’s apparently a lot to be desired in the Discourse software regarding the email connections. I reliably receive replies to my posts or private messages in my email.

What I’ve found that is not reliable, is using the included link to Visit Topic or to reply to this email. Reply to this Email is misleading. If I reply via email, it doesn’t show up here but I’ve discovered that it has a link that launches my browser and brings me here - to reply.

It took a while until I noticed that the last email I got from this forum was from November 2, 2022.

Today I entered an (correct) alternative email address, but the confirmation mail does not arrive either. :unamused:

Bill, did you actually resubscribe from scratch or did you only need to switch to a new email address?

I tried the latter several times, but am not even getting the verification mails to my alternate email addresses. (The old one is an iCloud address, the new one a German mail service.)

Dave or Jim, if I cannot avoid creating a new forum account, are you able to merge my old account to my new one (to keep my account history, badges etc.)?

There seem to be a lot of possible reasons for forum email failures. Here is some info: Troubleshoot email on a new Discourse install - sysadmin - Discourse Meta.

I have a second account, user name DaveT, which I created a few years ago, so that I would know which interface items I can see only because I’m a moderator, and which can be seen by any member. DaveT is signed up using my gmail address, and dave is signed up using my address.

I successfully moved DaveT to yet another address, and the confirmation email was sent to the new address, but when I tried to move dave to the gmail address, the confirmation email was sent to the address, and I naturally did not receive it.

I now have DaveT back on the gmail address, and that account is now setup for mailing list mode. Emails are now supposedly being sent to both accounts, but I only receive the ones sent to DaveT.

That’s definitely beyond my power as a moderator. If Jim can directly edit the database, he may be able to manually change the email address for you, but I as a moderator can’t even view your current address. I could immediately give a new account your current trust level of 2, but I wouldn’t be able to transfer anything from one account to the other.

You may have to do what I have done, and create a second account for the sole purpose of receiving email, while continuing to post from the old account.

As far as I can see, all of that is about a total failure of the email setup. I don’t see anything like the situation we have here, where a few select accounts can’t receive their email.

That page is for a brand new Discourse install that has no email connectivitity at all. The Panorama forum is not a new install – it’s about 7 years old. In general email works fine.

I have no idea if that is possible or if so, how to do it. I kind of doubt that it is possible.

I did tell the system to send another confirmation email to your new email address. The system says it sent it. But I was also able to find where the earlier confirmation emails were sent to this address. I think the problem is on your end.

Sorry, I disagree: Why would several people in this thread report loss of the emails starting on the same date (Nov. 2, 2022)? Bill cited Dave having said there was a forum software update on that date.

The forum preferences screen always tells me it did send out the verification mail. I tested another iCloud address as well as my German mail provider. Both verification mails did not arrive here. Neither the verification mail re-sent by you has arrived here.

On my side, I tested my iCloud addresses: Private test mails were delivered without any problem, and I am still getting your monthly emails from ProVue Headquarter there. My German mail account is delivering lots of emails every day. So there are two different mail providers involved, and other mails are coming in on those mail accounts without any issue.

If the forum software really tells you the truth: No way that the mails get stopped at your mail provider? Would you get mail service answers if forum mails are really sent out but can’t be delivered?

I followed Dave’s advice and created a second account (from which I am sending this answer). I noticed that the validation mail to the address I first tried was NOT delivered — again. Then I tried my German address, and now the validation mail came through.

I noticed that in the new account’s preferences there were a lot more mail options than before. Maybe the November forum software updated confused some older mail preferences.

I am looking forward to see if the concept of using the second account for mail purpose only while continuing to use the first account for participating in the forum discussions will work. Otherwise you will more often notice me appearing here as KJM2.

This evening (January 13, 2023, 7:07 PM. Et) I suddenly started receiving emails from the Panorama Discussion Forum again. First emails since Nov. 2, 2022. I did no troubleshooting and did not change any of my email settings. They just starting coming in again! Hurrah!

Ditto here. I just opened my email and found I had 64 new emails from the forum.