Formulamerge and Blueprints

Is there a method to use something like formulamerge to automate object creation with a blueprint?

I don’t really understand this question at all, sorry. You can automate object creation with a program. FYI, a blueprint actually is a program. You can copy the code out of a blueprint and paste it into a procedure. But formulamerge doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Steve, I know you have access to the Panorama training videos. You might want to go back and review the videos about programming forms. Also, the statements used for that are now written up in the documentation.

You are probably correct, I should revisit the training. What I want to do is create fields from a blue print and modify the Procedure, name, tags and data mode from values I have in an array. I have many fields to create and I think this could save me some time. This is why I was looking at the formula merge, I was thinking I could just loop it through the array, adding the different values to the blueprint and then execute the code and move on to the next array item. When I get a chance, I will experiment. Thanks Jim, also, I appreciate always the incredible excellence you demonstrate daily with Panorama X. One of these days when I have time I should let you know what I have been using Pan X for. The same goes for all the wonderful people on this list, many times I fail to follow up or just to say thank you. It can be difficult taking care of customers and our growth while trying to develop the tools to make it easier. So, thank you to everyone for your help. Your kindness and knowledge have helped me tremendously.

Yes, that is definitely possible, but you would do it with a loop and the newformobject statement. The property values can be variables or even complex formulas, so that is how you would set the Procedure, name, tags, etc. This is exactly how Panorama’s automatic form construction works. In fact, you might be able to just set up a template and use the constructfields statement, depending on what properties you need to set. See these topics:

Thank you for the links Jim,

Quick question, for the link about automatic form construction using the construct menu, can I specify a field to have the mode “formula”? If it can do this then it looks like you have already built a great feature to automate input object creation.

Formula is a pretty specialized option, so no, that is not available. The automatic form construction isn’t designed as an all-purpose tool, rather to automate the most common form creation tasks. I wanted to keep it relatively simple for most users rather than cramming everything into it. For more specialized options, you’ll need to use the newformobject statement, which does allow specifying every possible option.