Formula Workshop loses its mind

I love the FormulaWorkshop, but every once in a while it stops working in a peculiar way. The Formula box on the workshop stops changing in response to keystrokes. In the attached example, I click into the Formula box, and start typing, but the displayed text does not change. I can’t delete it or change it no matter what I try. If I close the window and open a new Formula Workshop, the same text comes back and still cannot be edited. The two drop-down menus will change in the normal way, but have no effect on the Result.
The only way to recover from this condition that I have found is to quit PanX and re-open it. This has been occurring for a few months, and I have not reported it; I have just closed, re-opened and carried on.

I second every word of that. It is an intermittent problem and I too am not sure when it started. I have not been able to find anything that might trigger it.

I use the Formula Workshop a lot and have never seen that problem. But I have seen basically the same problem with the View Search window. So this may be a clue as to the source of the problem – it must be something common to both Formula Workshop and View Search.

I’ve also had this issue a number of times recently just as Tom described. The text in the text entry box freezes and won’t even delete when highlighted and deleted with the delete key. However if you type a new formula into the text box the frozen text remains unchanged but the result of the newly-typed invisible text displays accurately in the result box. Hope this helps.

In a similar fashion, I was entering a lookup( in the Morph dialog when it stopped accepting input. I couldn’t add or delete to the formula although I could highlight text. When I cancelled, I got this:
Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 9.09.32 AM

It just stopped from one key to the next?

Pro tip: For anything more than a super simple formula, I don’t use the Morph dialog. Instead, I create a temporary procedure and type formulafill followed by the procedure. That makes it much easier to try the formula over and over until I get it right. (Also, put a startdatabasechange on the first line so I can undo.) When I’m done, I can delete the temporary procedure, or keep it for later. (Of course this doesn’t mean the dialog shouldn’t always work.)

Now that you ask, I believe it may have been after I paused to check the name of a field to be sure I was entering it properly.

I often do use a temporary procedure as you’ve suggested. But the inclusion of startdatabasechange is an excellent suggestion.

Provided it is a standalone DB.