Formula Workshop Causes Crash

Just this afternoon PanX has started to crash whenever I click on the entry field on the Formula Workshop. Happens even with new, empty database, as well as existing databases. Mult re-lauches and rebooting my Mac does not solve.

  1. Anyone heard of similar problem like this before?

  2. How do I download a “fresh” copy of PanX in case my current one has been corrupted?

You can find the URL for downloading a fresh installer in the email you were sent with your invitation to the Panorama Early Access program.

Delete your old app before you open the installer to ensure you have only one copy.

I can’t reproduce your problem.

Thanks, Michael! The fresh download resolved the issue!

Thanks! The fresh down load solved the issue, and I’m saving your email
for future reference!!

After having the problem recur after a few hours I explored further, and, long story short, I can duplicate the corruption with this code (Formula Workshop needs to be open):

setactivedatabase "Formula Workshop"

When I then manually close the Formula Workshop data sheet and then click in the Formula Workshop text box, Panorama X crashes and the Formula Workshop is thereafter permanently corrupted (i.e., crash upon clicking in the Formula Workshop). Only solution is a fresh application download. [Side bar: this sequence was an unintended consequence of a ‘Save All’ procedure I wrote. Needless to say, I’m no longer using that procedure!!]