Formula troubles

Hello Friends,
I need some help with a formula that displays in a form. The formula is {VAL(«LowerDiv.1»)+VAL(«LowerDiv.2»)+VAL(«LowerDiv.3»)+VAL(«LowerDiv.4»)}
The value that it produces is 84 which is correct. What I want to do is take that result (84) and multiply it by 10400. I keep getting and expression error. Any help would be appreciated.

Without seeing the expression, it’s kind of hard to tell you what’s wrong with it. What is your expression, and in what context is it being used?

You probably need parentheses instead of curly brackets.

I think he is using the curly braces to merge the formula into the Text Display object. He is probably using the Text Display object in literal mode. If the Text Display object contains no other content besides the formula, it might be simpler to switch the Text Display object to formula mode and then get rid of the curly braces. But either will work.

What we haven’t seen is the formula Gerald is using to multiply by 10400. If you stay in literal mode, how about this?


That would have to be:
The parentheses are necessary to multiply by the total.

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Thank you Bruce. This worked just fine. I always appreciate the knowledge of people like you.