Formatting Summary Records

In the datasheet, is it possible to format the data in a field in a summary record, but not the corresponding data in the underlying records?

I am running a simple summary procedure that groups sales by month. The summary record in the date field pulls the date of the last record in that month. Rather than displaying that date in the summary record, I’d prefer to display the month.

Here’s a screenshot of the date summary records:


I’d prefer to display:


In the datasheet, can I apply a “Month” date pattern to the Date field in just the summary records?

If not, I presume creating a form is a solution.

The obvious answer is “yes”, a form would be the best solution. There is no way I know of to have different patterns set for summary records. If, however, you want to do things only in the datasheet there is a way using a procedure if you only have the summary records selected at the time. Once summaries are selected run this code:

field Date
setfieldproperties initializedictionary("OUTPUTPATTERN","Month")

When finished run this code to reset the field back again:

field Date
setfieldproperties initializedictionary("OUTPUTPATTERN","dd/mm/yy")

I would take the time to set up a form for use in the long run.

Hi Gary,
A form it is!
Thank you for your reply.
I’ve never used the “setfieldproperties” or “initializedictionary” commands. I’ll have to find an excuse to give them a spin.