Form window won't save settings

I have two forms that are used in a database. One is long and skinny (F1), the other is a nice rectangle (F2). In the form properties pane, I set the forms for both the max and min sizes to the same size. I have also turned off both horizontal and vertical scrolling for the forms.

If I click a button on F1, it opens F2 it is zoomed to the desired size with no scroll bars, however, a little arrow exists at the bottom right of the screen that will let it be resized to the dimensions of F1 even though a minimum size is set. Unfortunately, it won’t resize back to the original size. If I click the button to go back to F1, the window dimensions are correct, however, all objects are shifted to the left and now it has a little arrow on the bottom right corner that will let me resize it to the dimensions of F2 which is larger. I also can’t reduce it back down again.

So if nobody notices the arrow at the bottom of the forms, everything is great. From experience, I know the users will find that arrow, get frustrated and quit, which will then save the window positions. I know I can set the form again when it is reopened but, how do I ensure that the little guy doesn’t show up in the first place?

I see Jim Rea is Replying as I write this, but I’ll bet that one possible solution is in the Form Event Procedure

It sounds like you have added an Elastic window object to the form. Since you don’t want the the window to resize, you should remove this object.

That said, the Elastic window object doesn’t “let” the window be resized. It simply controls how objects within the form morph as the window changes size. Removing the Elastic window object isn’t going to make the window fixed size.

If the window is resizable, that means the max and min sizes for that window are NOT the same size as the current window size. You need to double check that.

Thanks Jim, but there is no elastic window object on either form. The arrow doesn’t look like the arrow you get from having that object. It’s just a small arrow that only points in one direction, either up or down, however, it will sometimes go at a 45 degree angle when dogged in one direction.

Ok, I know what you mean. That’s the same little arrow that appears on the edge of any resizable window, in any application.

So I’ll repeat – if the window is resizable, that means the max and min sizes for that window are NOT the same size as the current window size. It can be a bit fiddly go get the sizes right. It would be nice if there was simply a checkbox for “do not allow the window to be resized”, perhaps that can be added someday. But for now, you have to get the sizes correct.