Form Properties scroll checkboxes spontaneously change

This problem comes up after I’ve done some changes to the query on a text list on a form. I’ve previously set the form to have no scroll bars using the checkboxes in the Form Properties panel.

After making some changes to this query, and then testing it by doing a few test queries, I notice that the form (not the text list, which has vertical scrolling turned on) has started to move both horizontally and vertically. When I check back in the Form Properties panel after this, the checkboxes for horizontal and vertical scrolling are selected again.

What could be causing these properties to be reset?

I have done no programming that resets them. Bug?

10.2.0.b15 (3656) / MacOS 10.14.6 / iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017)

I have never encountered this or heard of a report of this. There is no connection internally between the Text List object and the overall form settings.

I just tried it again. I opened the database, and the form had both scroll checkboxes checked again, even after I saved the database with both of them unchecked. I tried it three times, and it happened the same way each time.

Could there be something in the form blueprint that is doing this? I don’t see anything in the blueprint, but maybe I’m missing a setting somewhere.

Here is the form options blueprint:

setformoptions “”,"",
“VIEWMODE”,“Individual Pages”

Well, I think you’ve found a bug – these settings are not included in the blueprint, and are not accessible with the getformoption( function and setformoptions statement. So there is no way to access or change these settings in code. I’ve created a BitBucket issue for this.

However, that leaves a complete mystery as to why these settings would spontaneously change. The fact that these are missing from the blueprint has nothing to do with that. You CAN control these settings if you open the form with the openform statement, are you using that? If so, please check the options on that code to make sure the scroll bars aren’t enabled.