Form page summary outputs

Way behind curve here, even after 33+ years of using Panorama. Brain has probably shrunk, too.

With a convention registration database, I’d like to have some summary info, crosstabs and whatnot, that display on a Form page, like with scriptable Text Display fields. I’ve had a couple interesting days reading documentation and learning all sorts of nifty things I with I’d paid attention to decades ago…

So, I’d like a Form page that showed, e.g. calculations of –

Location – text list of top 10 count of states
Experience – text box of count of people reporting this is their first convention

And like that. I can’t pull together the options for programming procedures into text objects as related to (?) crosstabs.

Sorry this is so vague and uninformed.

The documentation you are looking for is:

By the way, you want to use Text List objects for this, not Text Display.

You may also be interested in:

For this you would want to use the aggregate( function.

Thanks, Jim. Very helpful!