Form object handles have a new look

Continuing the discussion from Form elements just disappear:

When the next version of Panorama X is released, form object handles have a new look. This new look is modeled after Apple’s Keynote and Pages programs. (All of the screenshots below were taken with the new version of Panorama X.)

If an object doesn’t fill it’s rectangle, a blue outline will appear, again, this is like Keynote/Pages. In this example, all of the objects have blue outlines except for the green rectangle, which does fill its rectangle.

If an object has a border or bezel, the blue outline won’t appear. I’ve modified the Text Display object to have a border. Notice also that the new handle design will show up on any type of background.

Objects which can display the blue outline are:

  • ovals
  • polygons
  • stars
  • text and image objects w/o borders
  • transparent push or popup buttons.
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This is a big improvement, especially for those of us with other than 20/20 vision.


And also for complex forms with lots of objects, many overlapping. Thanks Jim!

I have to agree that your original implementation of the handles looked slicker and more modern and they would certainly have been preferred if they were used in data mode. As it is, however, in graphics mode function is the most important consideration and the new versions of the handles are much, much more user friendly than the previous ones. Thanks for the rapid redesign. :thumbsup: