Form - Graphics View - Snap To Grid

I presume, as I can’t find it in the Help pages, that it is not possible to turn on a grid to which objects can be snapped when designing a form.

If that is the case, could I request it as a feature as it would make designing forms a lot easier. :slightly_smiling_face:

On the other hand you can set the position of any object with pixel-precision. You can align several objects to the top / down or left / right edges or centered. Personally, I do not see much advantage in having an additional magnetic grid.

I like the snapping to a periodic spacing. Makes it extremely easy to get something up and going when the precise measurement is not necessary but alignment and consistency can be achieved quickly.

As an alternative form design process, don’t forget the Construct menu. Alignment, consistency and speed can be had there.

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A “snap to grid” feature is not planned. However, the road map does include implementing “snap to existing objects” behavior like Keynote. However, this is probably fairly far down the road, not in the near future. In the meantime, the Alignment options and especially the Construct menu are very helpful.

If you haven’t learned about it yet, Panorama’s unique Smart Resize feature is very useful for working with grids of objects.

Another unique feature is the ability to click on an object handle and then use the arrow keys to nudge just that corner of the object (rather than the entire object).

Another tip - rather than creating similar objects one-by-one, it’s usually easier to create one object, get it positioned as you want it, then drag it while holding down the option and shift keys to make a perfectly aligned copy. Then you can nudge the corner to adjust the size, and adjust indidual options as needed (field name, etc.)