Form field appearing blank

I’m still experiencing the phenomenon of having a text editor object whose formula is a DB field show up as blank when I open the form (often selected as well) although there is in fact a value for the field in the DB. If I scroll down the DB, the same TEO often shows up as blank also. If I click in the form object, the contents then show up, and show up in all the other records as well.

This problem has appeared in PanX since I’ve been using it, and I may have reported it in BitBucket. Has anyone else seen it?

It has just occurred to me that perhaps this problem is another version of the one I referred to on Dec. 5 in a thread called “Can’t stop the tab key”. I think that the objects that sometimes don’t show their contents are all converted data cells from a P6 form. So is there perhaps something very slightly wonky about that conversion?