Form Construction Problem

It’s me again. I’m really looking forward to using Panorama X for creating all the forms we need for our Summer 2020 camp season, but I’m having some problems. I created a form for the individual camper info entry, which is quite complicated, but it worked great. I was able to edit on the form or the data sheet and they worked correctly together. But I’m having problems with one which will be viewed as a list. When I transferred the Panorama 6 database over to X, the forms required quite a bit of “fixing”, but I was able to get the one which creates an 8x11 list of campers in a counselor’s group with the info the counselor would need. I was able to make it View as a list of the 12 campers who would be in the group, but the form I updated would not allow me to edit in the form. So I started out again this morning from scratch on that form. When I finished, it looked great, and allowed me to edit while in the graphic mode, but when I filtered 12 campers and then tried to look at the form from the data mode, the data mode form was
blank, with nothing but empty lines showing. Here’s two screenshots:


What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

View-as-List forms are built around tiles (Data & Header tiles). You can find a full description here:

You cannot edit in View-As-List forms. They should only be used for display or printing.

This may require some adjustment to your method of working. I deal with it by having one individual record with a Text List Object that shows what the nearby records are. When I need to print, or to look at them in a particular array, I bring up the proper form.


I use a text list object on the left side of a form to get a sudo view as list, then I have the fields that need to be edited on the right, next to the text list object. That way I can scroll down the list, click on a record and view/edit the pertinent fields or even search for a record and edit it right there on the form. Hope that helps.

That’s really surprising and disappointing. Editing in View-as-List forms in 6 was available, and I used that kind of form often to help my temp office staff who worked only the summer camps and did not use Panorama often. It was much easier and quicker for them to enter the information in the form than it was for them to find the fields in the large number of fields necessary for us to work with the mound of camper info we have to consider.
Guess I will have to be creative in how I prepare the forms to aid them in entering info. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great example, Jeff! I’ll try to follow it.

Glenda K

I’m pretty sure there’s an example of how to do this in the Text List Object section of the help file.

Okay, I’ll certainly check. Thanks!