Form colors to avoid for ColorBlind challenged

I’m posting this because one time I spent a lot of time making what I thought was a pretty form. When I submitted it for “public review” I was quickly told people who were colorblind would have trouble distinguishing the scheme I used for buttons and labels.

I Googled “what colors should I avoid for colorblind people” and got several useful suggestions. For example:

Avoid the following color combinations, which are especially hard on color blind people: Green & Red; Green & Brown; Blue & Purple; Green & Blue; Light Green & Yellow; Blue & Grey; Green & Grey; Green & Black.

There were also several links suggesting Palettes to use and other design issues.

Good to know so you don’t put a lot of graphic design work into a form only to have someone say, “Hard to distinguish things when they are all the same color.” (when in fact you have several colors).

There is a freeware application called Sim Daltonism available from the App Store which will display things the way that people with colorblindness will see them.