ForceQuit during procedure loop broke Panorama X

I had to perform a Force Quit on PanX this morning, and now I cannot get it to launch. It gives me the following error:


I moved the application to the trash, downloaded a new Public Beta version and installed from scratch. I then got the same error. I had no problems before the force quit. I am running MacOS 12.01. I am guessing that there are some other buried files that need to be removed. Any suggestions?

I uninstalled, emptied trash, ran AppCleaner, restarted the computer, re-downloaded PanX public beta, installed from scratch, and still got the same error message.

We were able to get PanX to work on the MacOS root user account, but still could not get PanX to work on the normal user account.

Opened the package contents of the Panorama X application and successfully launched Panorama by double clicking on the Panorama X file. This also opened a terminal file.

After four hours of troubleshooting we concluded that the problem has something to do with a corruption in the user account. We created a new user account on the computer, downloaded Panorama X, and successfully launched Panorama.

After another hour of entering passwords and settings, we may be able to go back to work. It will be sometime before everything (pictures, files, emails, etc. sync with the cloud.

Lesson learned. Don’t force quit while Panorama is executing a procedure.

Your Panorama preferences may have gotten corrupted somehow. There is no way to uncorrupt them, but they can be deleted using these steps, which is much simpler than creating a new user account.

• If it is open, Quit from Panorama X
• Open a new window in the Finder
• Choose “Go To Folder” from the “Go” menu
• Enter ~/Library/Preferences/ and press the “Go” button
• Find the file “com.provue.PanoramaX.plist” and move it to the trash
• Relauch Panorama X (this will automatically create new, default preferences)
• Log into your Panorama account

If you’ve set up any options in the Panorama X preferences window, you will need to set them up again.

Thanks for the shortcut, Jim. Haha. You might want to consider corrupting the Panorama preferences on purpose as a low level security measure to block a fired disgruntled employee from ever using company data stored in Panorama files.

I am still having some problems after following the steps to replace the Panorama preferences. To start my application I run a procedure that opens about a dozen files. I get the following new error:

Canot open database

I am able to open the first file by double clicking on the file in the Finder. When I attempt to run the procedure again, the error pops up when the procedure attempts to open the second file, and so on. Any suggestions? Much thanks.

This is an Apple error message, not a Panorama message. It’s talking about file system permissions.

When you double click on a file, or select it using the File Open dialog, the system can override permissions and allow a file to be opened even if you normally wouldn’t have permission to do so. When a file is opened via a program, these exceptions don’t apply, the program must have permission. Probably the easiest way to do that is to enable “full disk access” for Panorama, which is done thru the Security & Privacy tab of the System Preferences window.

In your case I suspect the problem started because you created a new account, but the database files still have the permission settings of the old account. So another solution might be to change the ownership of the files to the new account. I believe this can be done one by one with the Finder Get Info window, but there is probably a better way that I don’t know about to do this for a bunch of files.

You probably mean this as a joke. But taking it seriously, this would not be a very good security measure, since the solution has been posted multiple times on this forum. However, Panorama X does have a good method for this situation – you can lock databases to your account. If someone is fired, you can kick them off the account remotely, then change the password so they can’t log back in. Even if they have database files on their hard drive, they won’t be able to open them. Even better, starting in Panorama X 10.2 you can set up Panorama without ever giving the password to any employees.

Jim, thanks for your thorough explanation. Also, thank you for mentioning the cool security measure in v10.2.

Let me add that there seems to be no danger in using ForceQuit when Panorama is not responding. I have done this hundreds of times during the early beta tests of PanX without any problems or data loss.