For Admin: Password Reset

Tried twice to reset my password at work, which has someone become signed out. Both times filled in my home email, which was accepted and was given the notice instructions but never received them.
I haven’t tried it from here, where I can obviously get on, and didn’t want to have a separate account at home and work.

Are you talking about the password for this forum? or the Panorama X account password? Those are two separate things.

Are you saying that you forgot your password? That is the only reason why a reset would be needed. What does “was given the notice instructions but never received them” mean?

Yes, I forgot my password for this forum.
When I hit “Forgot Password” it asks for my email.
When I type it in, it accepts it and returns the following message:
" We found an account that matches [my email], you should receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password shortly."

But the instructions never arrive.

Have you received an email yet? One was just sent.

No, I have not.

Maybe a spam filter is catching it. I pressed the button to send you a password reset email, and the Users list shows you being sent an email at that time.

Hmm, can’t find it anywhere. Did find a “rule” that sent the old discussion forum emails to a Mail mailbox that no longer exists and have turned it off. But they still should have turned up in the web mailbox which doesn’t have any filters turned on, but nothing.