Footer Tile Question/Problem

Hello Everybody,

As an example of my problem, I have a report Footer tile, as shown below, among many other tile types.


When this report is printed (with File-Preview), only the number “1” is printed, at the extreme bottom of the page. Obviously numbers 2 to 5 are below the page and thus do not print. My Page Setup is for US Letter 8.50 x 11.00.

Shouldn’t the bottom of the Footer Tile be printed at the bottom of the page, as it is in Pan6? Shouldn’t the entire vertical sequence of numbers print?


I created a database with a footer like yours and it printed all the numbers. So I’m not sure why you’re not seeing the same result.

One thing you might try is adding a bottom margin tile. With that you should be able to adjust where the bottom of the footer appears. I tried that and was able to move the footer up and down to wherever I wanted.

Hello Jim,

Thanks for your quick response. Yes, adding a Bottom Margin tile does push the Footer tile higher.

But I was essentially doing that anyway by enlarging the height of the Footer tile itself, by trial and error, until the part of the tile I wanted to print came onto the page (it is the page number on the tile that I want printed). Doing that, by trial and error, or adjusting a Bottom Margin tile by trial and error, doesn’t really address the underlying issue, viz, the Footer tile starts about 1/2 inch BELOW the bottom of the page, instead of AT the bottom of the page.

This form was imported from a Pan6 file, which needless to say, has performed flawlessly for years - and still does.

I simplified the actual file, deleted personal information, and removed the bulk of the records. The form still misbehaves.

Would you like me to send you the simplified file so you can analyze what is going on? There must be some subtle code bug in PanX causing this, and it’s only a matter of time before others are flummoxed by the same bug. If you want to see the file, please remind me how to send it to you.

By the way, I am still on OS 10.11.6. Does that make a difference?


Did you check Page Setup?

Yes, That was the first thing I checked.

I’ve been doing some more experimentation on my Footer tile problem.

Even if I change the paper size in Page Setup to a longer page, say A4, the Footer stills begins BELOW the page. Is it possible I am the only one seeing this?

I would hate to go to the trouble of manually adjusting all Footer tiles to be higher (so the Footer text actually prints), only to see the issue corrected in a future PanX update. Because then all reports will have TOO MUCH footer area at the bottom. It would mean re-adjusting all reports.

Can someone else confirm that I alone am experiencing this. That would probably mean my OS 10.11.6 is to blame. Jim, you said you checked the Footer tile out with a new database. And your Footer started at the BOTTOM of the page as it should - not BELOW. Did you do that with the same OS as mine?


Here’s a weird idea. I have not been able to duplicate this except when I have a duplicate, smaller footer tile, that is in front of the proper one. Could that be it? It printed without complaint, and yours could be hiding on top of the proper one in register, or out of view. I moved mine off screen to the right, and it continued to print wrong.
I can’t check your system, sorry. I’m using 10.12.6.

Hello rblatchly,

To make sure I do not have a second duplicate Footer tile, I created a new database, filled in dummy data, and created a form with only two tiles: a Data tile, and a Footer tile. Pretty simple.

Same problem. The bottom of the Footer tile is below the bottom of the page. If the Footer tile is short, no footer text is printed. If I elongate the Footer tile keeping the text at the top, the text will print. It looks like the bottom of the Footer tile is about 1/2 inch below the bottom of the page.

It is interesting that you can, in a special circumstance (duplicate tile) reproduce the problem. That shows that there is some sort of issue with the Footer tile. By experimenting, I found out that if you have 2 tiles of the same type, say 2 data tiles, only the second tile is printed. Same for 2 Footer tiles. That means that in theory, even if you have a duplicate tile, it should not matter. But apparently with your file, it does. So something is going on.

If my problem were widespread, many others would be jumping in here. So clearly it is something unique to my system. Since I have a very standard Mac setup, nothing fancy or special, I am coming to the suspicion that it is my “old” OS. I see from other posts on this forum that PanX does behave differently with different OS’s.

Probably no one, or very few people on this advanced forum are still using OS 10.11.6. So we may never know the answer to this conundrum.


I just fired up my old Mac Pro running 10.11.6 El Capitan (the last version this old computer can use). My test included a multi-line footer tile and it printed just fine with all lines visible. On my iMac running 10.13.6 High Sierra (the last version that will run on this 10 year old machine) everything printed in Preview as well. I wouldn’t think the printer drivers come into play when previewing but that might be part of the problem if they do.

Well, Gary, I’m completely stumped.

So it’s not the fault of OS 10.11.6.

And I can’t see how printer drivers would come into play. When I said the footer printed incorrectly, I was not actually printing. I use the menu item File-Preview, which opens Adobe Acrobat. So printer drivers never are invoked. And anyway, how would PanX know what printer I was using?

What’s left? Gremlins? It’s not a corrupted file, because I created a brand new file for my latest test. The only remaining option is a corrupted PanX application, or one of its accompanying files. Is that even a possibility?

Jim, would it make sense to download a fresh new copy of PanX? How would I even do that? The last time I opened PanX (earlier this week after a long hiatus), it told me an update was available, and I did so. Could that update have gone awry?

I give up.

My preview opens in the Preview app - could that be the difference?


How did you manage that? When I call menu item File-Preview, Adobe Acrobat opens and loads the print image. There is no option that I can find which allows me to to select, or change the app.

Jim, what setting in PanX accesses the Preview app? There is nothing in the Preferences window which does so.

That is the only possible option left to explain this behavior. What makes PanX choose which app to open the Preview menu item? And why in blazes am I the only one to be affected (infected?) by this app choice?


It’s a system preference. If Preview is the default application for opening a PDF, then Panorama’s preview will open in Preview. If Acrobat is the default, it will open in Acrobat.

That is just the default I have always had on all recent OS X’s. I don’t know if Adobe Acrobat has a preference to override this default behavior and take over all previews. Wait, I’ll bet that whatever application is set in the Finder to handle PDF files is what is used for the print previews. Try changing that temporarily to the Preview application and see if there is any difference. Just a guess.

I tried that before writing my answer above. It had been set for Preview. I changed it to Acrobat, and presto, my Panorama Previews opened in Acrobat.

While in the Finder, click on a pdf and do a Get Info (Command I). In that new window that opens, you will find a popdown for the ‘Open with’. Set it to whatever app you wish for .pdfs to be opened by.


How do you change the default application. My System Preferences does not have an icon to do that. Here is my System Preference window.

See Robert’s answer above.

I think whether Acrobat or Preview is used for displaying the print preview mostly likely has nothing to do with any problem with footer problems. Perhaps it is a printer driver problem, I think the system may use the default printer driver even when generating a PDF file. It seems the most likely thing since your results are so different from everyone else.

If this is a printer driver issue, I wonder if @vicelly is using a printer setting for a special printer (instead of a setting “for all printers”). Most printer models have their own printable areas and non-printable margins. And you can have custom page formats with special margin settings.