Footer Not Showing on a Two Page Report


When constructing a two page report, I have trouble getting the footer to show up. Here is the basic structure of the form I am trying to create:

When I print to PDF this form, neither footer shows up. The header shows up on each page, the data tiles show up on their respective pages, but neither footer tile shows up.

To solve this issue, I tried resizing the footer tiles, inserting a bottom margin tile, and decreasing the heights of the data tiles. But, none of these actions caused the footer tiles to appear.

What am I doing incorrectly?



The answer is in the second paragraph of this help page:

When a form contains data tiles for multiple records, Panorama will ignore any header or footer tiles. Only the margins and data tiles will be printed.

Since the data tile fills the entire page, there is no need for headers or footers. Just include the artwork for the headers and/or footers on the data tile(s) itself.

Should this help page read “multiple pages”, or “multiple records”?

Thank you. This is an acceptable solution for many cases. However, I would like certain graphics to only appear at the end of the last page of my report. For example, if the report is one page, the graphics should appear at the end of this one page. If the report is two pages (because there is more data), these same graphics should appear at the end of the second page, and be absent from the first page.

Neither. I think it should read:

When a form contains multiple data tiles to print multiple pages for a single record, Panorama will ignore any header or footer tiles.

This correction has been submitted.

Understood. However, it’s not claimed that Panorama can create every possible style of report that anyone might want. In this case, the exact report format you would like is not possible.

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