Font Size in Procedure Window

I am missing an option to customize the font or at least the font size in Procedure windows.

The used font is obviously Menlo 11 pt; that is comparable to the good old Monaco font in 10 point size – with a smaller line height. (See the screenshot from TextEdit.)

My aging eyes would be thankful, if I could customize the font size in procedure windows just like in the Data sheet.

You can open the font window from the toolbar in a form window. Next, highlight the text inside of the procedure and choose a kinder-to-our-eyes font size. Unfortunately you have to repeat this each time the database is opened.

A better option would be much appreciated.

Nice trick!

Wow, that’s a bug! But I won’t fix it until I provide some other way to change the font size.

In Pano X 10.0, I’d give a big up-vote to a standard, window or preference based way to increase font size in the Procedure window. The font is too small on a high-resolution monitor.

It’s also too small for old folks with less than perfect vision. And Menlo isn’t the most eye-friendly font out there.

Coming soon to a version of Panorama X near you:

Darn. I was reading this thread thinking my fix was here.

I am in the Procedure Panel of a PushButtonObject and I’ve wasted a .5 hr looking for my error only to find a { instead of a (
The ‘bug’ of using a Font window is not enlarging my selected text in the panel.

How can I enlarge the font in this Procedure Panel? (I did temporarily transfer the code to a Procedure window but I’m hoping that that is not the only fix.

The font used in panels is not adjustable. I have not ever seen any program that allowed the font used in property panels to be adjusted, I think that would be very non-standard.

I meant to add more to this answer.

If I need to include more than a few lines of code in a code panel, I will almost always put that code in a named procedure, and use either the call or callwithin statement to invoke it from the panel. This has two advantages. First, the named procedure editor is nicer – it has auto-indent, search, find and replace, and last not least you can change the font size.

But even more important to me than any of these is that I can edit this code while the form is in data mode. This makes it much easier to make adjustments “on-the-fly” to get the code working just the way I want it.

The callwithin statement is new in Panorama X. This is one way to make it easy to handle multiple buttons (or other objects) in a single named procedure. So your View menu doesn’t get cluttered with dozens or even hundreds of named procedures, and you can keep things nice and organized.

Within the named procedure you can use the mark feature to keep things organized.

Right now I’m doing some work on the Database Options dialog. This dialog has dozens of objects in multiple tab panels, but all of the code is in a single procedure. This procedure has grown to over 1,200 lines, but I can navigate it easily because I’ve set up marks for different sections. And of course in Panorama X there’s no longer a worry about a procedure getting too long, there is no longer a 32k limit. In fact this particular procedure contains 57k of code.

You can use one of the System Preferences > Universal access > Zoom options.

But I would recommend to set the font size of Procedure windows to an appropriate font size and edit your code there. The Code Property panel then only needs to hold one line that calls your procedure.